Our IT Support Services

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    Desktop support

    Whether it’s a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet/mobile devices, as a trusted reseller we can provide the lowest prices in procuring computer equipment for you, often lower than directly from the manufacturers. We can build, configure and manage your computers to ensure you have all the office application and protection you need. We will manage, monitor and provide you with a regular reports, as well as proactively making recommendations based on our observations of your devices.

    File sharing

    We can set up a simple and secure file storage onto your own file server or Internet file storage, or set up a fully managed document/records management system that will keep track and audit your files/records. All our solutions are connected to seamless back up and provide easy access control for sharing.


    We can help you with secure back up of your data through standard hardware devices or real time backup onto an Internet based storage service. We will configure all your devices so that all back up is seamless and automated and in the unfortunate event of system failure, we will be at hand to recover your data promptly.

    Internet Phone (VOIP)

    Tap into the cheap communication using ‘Voice over IP’ or VOIP technology, such as Skype, which utilises your computer network to make free calls from your computer, smartphone or desk phone to other VOIP phones around the world or cheap rates to landlines or mobile phones. We can even set up call recording capability, interactive voice response (phone menu systems) or provide UK call handlers who will personally take your calls or re-route to a relevant team in your business.

    Multi-Function Devices (Printers, Scanners, Fax)

    Whether it is to copy, print, scan or fax, you can do it all from one device. We can help to install and configure so that it is accessible direct from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Want more, okay we can even set up an email address for your printer so that you can send files to print by email and give your clients access… fax is so yesterday!

    Remote working

    The remote office is essential to provide flexible working, we can help to ensure your workforce is equipped with everything they would have in the office. Remote dial up is common place in most business which we can happily configure, but did you know we can configure a computer onto a USB key? You simply plug in the USB stick into a modern PC and it boots from your USB stick rather than the hard disk and the PC will load and operate like the set up of your office PC. This means you don’t need to install anything onto the PC and provides you with full control, even the data can be set to store back onto your servers rather than the PC to prevent data loss. This is a much more cheaper alternative to providing remote working staff with a laptop or ensure security controls for contractors working in your office with their own devices.


    Smartphones & Tablets

    We can configure your mobile devices to enable remote working such as file access to the office, email, calendar synchronising, free Internet calls or even linking your landline to your mobile.


    One of the current technology buzz word, the Cloud, which in simple terms is running things from the web, from storage, email, office software, applications or file sharing. It’s nothing new, think Hotmail and Yahoo email, which in essence are both cloud email services but only recently has the business world embraced this into the office.

    Video Conferencing

    Nothing beats a face to face meeting but why waste time and money travel ling, we can set up video conferencing in a meeting/board room or even on any desktop, laptop or mobile device. The great thing is that each video call is free as it uses your computer network.

    Internet Phone (VOIP)

    Tap into the cheap communication using ‘Voice over IP’ or VOIP technology, such as Skype, which utilises your computer network to make free calls from your computer, smartphone or desk phone to other VOIP phones around the world or cheap rates to landlines or mobile phones.

    Broadband /wireless

    Whether you want basic broadband, fibre or leased lines, we are trusted resellers often offering you better prices than direct from the Service Providers. We are independent and partner with many companies to offer you the best deals impartially.

Back Office

    Server support

    We can build, manage or audit your servers to the highest levels of performance and resilience to ensure a high availability service level. We will regularly monitor your systems and provide you with a regular report and proactive make recommendations based on our observations of your systems. The servers will even be configured to alert us of issues and often we can make pre-emptive actions to ensure a solid service. We understand you don’t want disruption to your business and that is why we often do maintenance out of office hours at no extra cost.

    Hosted services

    If you want a lower over head cost to your IT or simply don’t want the burden of owing your own IT equipment, we will offer the most cost effected hosted service whether it is email, storage or application support. We are independent and impartial and will offer only the best hosted service we feel fits with your requirements and either manage for you or hand over to your own IT team.

    Network infrastructure

    We can design, implemented and support a high performance and secure network for you. Our staff have worked with UK Government and blue chip companies who demand a resilient and fast network, and can even help to assess your network for security weaknesses or performance bottlenecks.



    We can set up a secure perimeter to stop unwanted attacks or intrusion into your network or control the Internet access of your office. We have UK security cleared staff who have worked on secure Central Government systems. Trust us, the UK Government does!


    Provide peace and mind to your workplace with remote access to your live video feeds from anywhere around the world or even from your smartphone.


    Protection for your email, desktop, server and even your mobile devices. We can give you regular reports and pre-emptively identify vulnerabilities. In addition, we have direct manufacturer support that will remotely identify and resolve any hostile attacks.

    IT Audit & Security Review

    Our consultants can review your network to ensure it is fit for purpose and professional configured. Recently we helped a client to identify an internal server that was incorrectly exposed to the Internet!

    Device tracking

    We can install tracking software to protect your mobile devices including tablets and laptops, and help to recover the device or remotely delete all data.


    Website design

    Let us create a visually stunning and functional website for you. We provide a comprehensive package including theme design, graphics and even provide copy writers to help with writing your web content.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    In the days of Google, everyone is scrambling to get there business top of the results list, let us help you to ensure your website is properly represented to get you noticed with a strong web presence.

    Email marketing campaign templates

    Tap into the cheap marketing commodity of email marketing, whether it is to reach new clients or communicate to your existing customers. We can help to create eye-catching email marketing templates.

    Web domain & hosting

    We can configure servers to host your own website or set up a hosted service where your website will be hosted on the web by a third party provider. We will take care of all the work including configuration, purchase of your desired domain name or even transfer your existing site.